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Online LSAT and BAR Tutoring Services

Get on Target to ACE Your Exam

Proven Success

Bar10 Tutoring Service is dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals by providing the highest quality tutoring services.  Our expert tutors have been providing top-of-the-line guidance and resources to help students succeed in these critical exams. With Bar10's help, you can confidently and successfully navigate the path to educational milestones!

A Different Approach to Learning

Bar10 Tutoring Service provides top-of-the-line test preparation services for the LSAT and BAR exams. Our personalized approach focuses on understanding each individual's needs, and tailoring our test prep sessions accordingly to make sure our students have the best chance of passing the exams with flying colors.

Customized ​Learning Plans

Bar10 Tutoring Service is the perfect destination for students to ace the BAR and LSAT exam. We offer customized learning plans tailor-made to your individual needs and expectations to ensure you can passing with flying colors. Contact us today to unlock the potential of passing the BAR and LSAT exam with Bar10.

Test Prep Plans and Packages

Bar10 is an innovative tutoring service dedicated to helping aspiring law students achieve their studying goals. Our service offers discounted plans and packages specifically designed to help students prepare for their LSAT and BAR tests. 

Book a Session

Bar10 offers professional tutors to help you prepare for the LSAT and BAR exams. Get the skills and knowledge you need to increase your score with our one-on-one online tutoring service. Book your session today and get one step closer to achieving your desired results.

About Bar10

At Bar10, our goal is to help aspiring attorneys and law students succeed on their LSAT and BAR exams. Founded by experienced attorneys and judges, Bar10 provides unparalleled expertise and guidance to students who are preparing for their exams. Our tutoring service provides personalized instruction and tailored lesson plans that are designed to help students excel and achieve their goals. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are confident that our students will be successful in their endeavors.

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